Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that there’s no way he would have invaded Ukraine while Trump was President of the United States. “Not on your life,” Putin said in a recording session for the Tucker Carlson Show, “Trump is big dog. Biden is like little mouse.”

The interview, which can’t air until it’s been cleared for national security issues, lasted about five minutes and was recorded via Skype. Carlson wore his traditional bow tie at the request of Putin, who told Tucker he’s a “big fan.”

The entire world, former President Trump included, has condemned Russia’s actions. Carlson asked Putin how he felt about that, to which the dictator replied, “It makes the sads. Don and me are buds. We play gold together. How he now turn his back when I basically give him Melania?”

Carlson pointed out that the KGB didn’t technically have any influence on Melania Trump or her family in Slovenia, where there’s a beautiful statue in her honor. Putin is trying to use Trump’s power and strength to his advantage. Trump golfed with lots of people. He hung out with Jeffrey Epstein. That doesn’t make him guilty of anything.

Putin ended the interview by asking Carlson to convey a message to Trump who “is no taking my call.” He asked him to say thank you for losing the election, because now he can just take all of Europe and nothing but Sleepy Joe Biden stands in his way.

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