Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has some real dirt on president Joe Biden. According to a message sent from Putin’s official Kremlin account on Twitter, and then retweeted by someone known to get the stories before anyone else, Putin is going to ruin Joe Biden, and no force on Earth can stop it.

Vladimir insists that the info has to do with Biden’s ne’er-do-well son Hunter, who, as far as anyone knows, hasn’t done much more than get high and buy a gun, something that every conservative in the Western world is also guilty of.

Political pundits from across the country and globe are working feverishly to figure out exactly what Putin has on Biden, other than the obvious $40 million bribe from the Mayor of Moscow. While there’s no concrete evidence that happened, Trump brought it up in the debates, so you know it has to be true.

Putin will release the information through his favorite American source, America’s Last Line of Defense, sometime later today or maybe tomorrow.

We reached out to ALLOD for comment, but they wouldn’t respond. Big names in media are sometimes difficult to nail down.

As soon as they know, we’ll know, patriots, and then we’ll pass that info along to you.

God bless America.


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