Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a clear message through back channels not to bother sending some ambassador or even Vice President Kamala Harris. Putin isn’t interested. He will only speak to former President Donald Trump.

According to a source close to Putin, he trusts that Trump will act in the best interest of the entire world and not just some scammers in Ukraine who helped overturn an election.

Putin says that as soon as Trump is given authority, he’ll set a meeting and they can get together privately, just the two of them and a translator Putin will later have killed.

Trump says he’s up for it, but he doesn’t believe President Joe Biden will go for it. Trump says Biden is far more likely to send Obama, who Putin is actually afraid of, and that won’t help anyone.

If we want a peaceful resolution, the best thing to do would be to give Vlad another 15 minutes with Trump. Whatever happened last time worked for like 5 years.


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