The country is in turmoil with protests and riots from coast to coast, and they’re not grassroots, locally sourced protests. They’re being funded by, of course, George Soros, (I mean, of course, there’s not a good protest without Soros somewhere) and many celebrities donating to the “cause.”

Q-Anoncompiled the list of celebrity donations and it’s not only shocking, but it’s also appalling. These celebrities gave A LOT of money to these protests and protesters, in some events even paying people to be at the protests, whether or not they supported the cause. Q-Anon released the list earlier today, and the list is massive, Hollywood’s elites are really in on this.

The donations came from celebs like Tim Allen, who gave more than $1 million. Adam Sandler, the comedy funnyman gave $500,000, while Phil Robertson gave 350,000 dollars to the ANTIFA led protests. Even Scott Baio even managed to scrounge up $5, it was what he could do considering he hasn’t mattered in Hollywood in nearly 30 years.

Quite a few gave $250,000, as this was a common donation to ANTIFA.  Hank Hill, Ranger Cordell Walker, Mike Baxter, Joseph Barron, and the Aquaman all have given $250,000 while Steven Segal and Al Bundy gave $150,000 each.

These celebrities are using Americans’ hard-earned money that they paid for these people to entertain you and keep their mouths shut about politics to fund these anti-trump protests. That’s exactly what they are! Anti-Trump protests and riots! They are using slogans like “Vote Against Hate” to get their point across. Which is in complete defiance to a true Trump belief!

Other celebrities such as Atticus Finch, Hannibal Lecter, and Homer Simpson all gave from $10,000 to $100,000 each. Millions of dollars have poured into the ANTIFA coffers, which Q-Anon have located at 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, Virginia if you want them to know how disgusting you are at these protests!!!

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