Wow is me to Target enterprises.  After going “woke”, and many claim “Satanic” with their new clothing line of LGBTQ themed merchandise aimed at children, for God’s sake, it seems the company is suffering.

Now it’s time to add yet another nail to the Target coffin.  It was thought that switching the attention to more adult lines of clothing for their political correctness would help clear up the controversy.  It was thought wrongly.

According to the S. Batt Corporation who crunches the numbers and gets the real results on sales and profit for the enterprise, Target has lost nearly eighteen hundred thousand paquillion dollars on their new “rainbow Biden” line of shirts and hats.  That’s a big heap of cabbage, people.

The shirts, which are made of 100% ugly virgin cotton and small smatterings of scrap metal, have dropped in sales since their initial offering at $6.95 each, and have been desperately discounted to $6.94.

Batt reports that Target’s food sales on turnips brings in more money than the gay tops.  Turnips.  Who the hell buys turnips?

Lucky for Target, though,those turnips aren’t alone.  What they lag in HomoBiden material sales, they’re making up for in the much-maligned kid’s merchandise.  And, for some reason, Star Wars can openers.

While having Grogu open your beans may seem like quite a luxury to most of the world, Target has many people agreeing : that is the way.

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