During their most recent legislation session this week, Congress took up a vote for Bill NCC1701, brought to the floor by Senators Joe Barron of Montana and Leslie Knope of Indiana.  The bill passed unanimously and, among other things, gave both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a twenty-five percent raise in salary.

The bill also addressed the funding of FEMA re-education camps to treat the mental illness of those who believe former President Trump’s nonsense about the 2020 election having been “rigged”, and handed several billion dollars to welfare recipients in order to offset the high prices of badly-needed PlayStation 5’s among America’s less fortunate.

You’ll need the upgrade to play Lode Runner to completion for its new “Cave-in” ending.

Fiscal conservatives believe the raises for the commander in chief and his first mate come at a bad time as the country is trying to concentrate on vaccine distribution and financial relief to combat the damage from the Trump plague as well as the draining of the social security fund by Nancy Pelosi to pay for the cost of two impeachments.

The bill, however, does compensate for its expense by drawing money from firearm buyback programs and the selling of disassembled border wall parts for scrap metal.  Several millions of dollars also come from discounted Netflix memberships offered by Barack Obama to reward donations made to Planned Parenthood.

Biden sent a “shmutta” to the governing body this morning, a traditional card and fruit basket which translates to “much obliged” in the communist language to thank his benefactors.  Likewise, Mrs. Harris bestowed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with a golden water bong memento, a gesture of admiration from her Jamaican forefathers.

One of whom was a little gangsta short in size, t-shirt, Levis, were his only disguise.

Many on the right have blasted the Democrats, pointing out that even as a complete and abject failure, President Trump at least donated his personal salary to worthy causes like Hookers Without Borders and Mike Lindell’s second business, MyBallRubber, a massage aid production service.  I guess they’ll have to learn there are new sheriffs in town.  At some point.

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