She’s Time magazine’s Person of the Year.  She’s the erstwhile girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.  She’s also incredibly active in making sure people are ready to do their duty as citizens and vote.

So active, in fact, that now a ticket to one of her many blockbuster concerts is scanned right along with the concertgoers voter registration card, meaning that only the properly registered are allowed to attend.

Not registered yet?  Not a problem.  You can register right then and there at the admissions gate.  However, the only option provided is Democratic.  Sound a little nutty?  We asked concert political consultant Joe Barron what the deal was.

“Yes, we only allow registered voters in the arenas, and, yes, when we register people at the gate, they are all Democrats.  What’s the problem?  Republicans are goddamn morons now and all about Trump, so they can eat balls.”

Barron laughed at that for a moment.

“Those ball eaters aren’t the kind of fans Taylor wants anyway.  She only likes smart people.  Thanks.”

With the young singer single-handedly growing the Democratic party by hundreds of thousands on a daily basis, is she having a real effect on the upcoming election?

Sounds like Kid Rock better find some blank spaces and start writing his name.


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