The second IRS whistleblower in the case against Hunter Biden is “most likely” dead, according to a source inside the DC Metro Police Department.

The man, who is still unidentified, was allegedly scheduled to appear before a Congressional committee to corroborate the initial whistleblower, who Democrats have painted as a “disgruntled employee with a political axe to grind.”

Now, without corroboration, the Hunter Biden case will likely wither and die. DC police say they’ll know the identity of the man shortly.

Our source says they already know but have to wait for the family to be notified to release the news officially.

“I heard him say ‘it’s the IRS guy,'” said Herman “Methmouth” Stimpski, “and then I blacked out for a bit. Then they gave me some crayons so I colored on the walls.”

Stimpski, a regular in the Metro Holding Tank, is well known for breaking stories within the department to credible sources like the Gateway Pundit and Conservative Brief. “I was the one that nabbed Andrew Weiner,” he said.

The news, if confirmed true, will be a devastating blow to the Biden case, which has already been closed with a plea bargain. Marjorie Used To Be Green and Lauren “I Blew Ted Cruz” Boebert are both expected to file new articles of impeachment against Joe Biden and 40 other people later today. God Bless America.

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