It only took a Kentucky jury 15 minutes to deliberate the case of Gaines v Thomas and the NCAA. They came back, tears still in their eyes, and awarded Riley $3.9 million from the NCAA and another $1.2 million from Thomas.

“This verdict is everything I hoped for,” Gaines told her followers on X, “Hopefully, this nightmare can finally be over.”

Thomas had no comment for reporters but she did release a statement through publicist Joe Barron:

“Lia is saddened by the unfair and tragic judgment against her and plans to appeal,” said Barron. No other lawyer would take the case.

According to our sources, it may be difficult for Riley to collect the money Thomas owes her. While the NCAA has plenty of funds to pay off fictitious lawsuits created by trolls to point at potatriots and laugh, Thomas is just a regular person who moved on with her life after college.

“None of the nonsense we write about her is true,” said ALLOD Sportsball Analyzer Tara Newhole, “which makes it much easier for her to justify not paying. Would you pay Riley Gaines $1.2 million because a fake judge whose name is probably Joe Barron said you had to? Neither would I.”

Newhole has a point, but that doesn’t negate the fact that a majority of said potatriots will still hope and pray that it is true, because the continued punishing of Lia Thomas soothes them somehow. God Bless America.


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