“The Man Show” was one of the best things about the 1990s. It was fun, light, and didn’t require any sort of “wokeness” to its fans. With great hosts through the years, some of whom turned to the left, sadly, it wasn’t going to be easy to find replacements.

Luckily, for the producers of the Netflix reboot, they found the perfect pair: Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Rodgers. Both men were willing to sign on for the weekly show, which gets filmed live and requires very little preparation.

“It’s mostly about crass jokes and boobs,” said former host Joe Rogan, “it was a great concept in an age when Al Bundy wasn’t considered politically incorrect. Sometimes a guy just wants to take a dump on his Ferguson while reading Biggunz.”

Rodgers is the perfect fit for the show because leftists don’t like his politics. That will make it funny when they try to cancel him but can’t because alpha males still rule America. Gronk will always be that guy who answered the “Deflategate” controversy with “Deflate Deez Nuts.” His complete lack of class and social skills makes him a perfect Adam Corolla.

The show starts filming this spring with an air date of sometime after that. The first guest, according to Gronk’s Instagram, will be none other than Tom Brady’s nutritionist.

It’s good to see shows like this getting another chance. God Bless America.

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