Roberta McCain, mother of John McCain, died at the ripe age of 108 years old. That’s a long life, the stories, and experiences she must have had!

But one story that’s never told is disappointment in her late son John. Sure, there were many moments of pride, but there were more moments of sheer and utter disapproval and disappointment.

Roberta McCain was a life long republican. Conservative to the very end, and some say one of the most conservative women they have ever met.

Roberta was a huge fan of Donald Trump and had scolded John several times because of how she felt her son was disrespectful to the greatest president in her lifetime. When her son John died, she didn’t even attend the funeral, she was not on speaking terms with him.

She first dealt with the embarrassing news of her son being captured in Vietnam.  Held for five years and “tortured.” She called it BS and told John to man up.  She, like Trump, doesn’t like soldiers who were captured.

She called him a loser and a sucker. Sure, she was pro-military, but she wasn’t stupid.  She did send John off to war, hoping it would turn him into a man.  Apparently she was wrong.

When Roberta died, she had but one request. Re-elect Donald John Trump.

She left his campaign millions of dollars. She’d give nothing to her traitorous lying granddaughter Meghan because she endorsed an America hating democrat. 

Roberta McCain knew an American treasure, and that is Donald Trump. If only John could have been great like Donald she would think. And John lost to that Kenyan Barack Obama. What a failure.

While you’re reading this, and thinking that Roberta McCain was some kind of Trump groupie at 108 years and would denounce her own heroic son, and do so for a man who’s never served a day in his life, think about what that says about you. 

Reality is that Roberta McCain raised a fine man, a hero, and Trump wishes he was half the man that he was.

God bless America.


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