Everyone loves the Rocky movies, except for Rocky V.  That one didn’t have enough suspense and we, as an audience, really didn’t care that much about the career of his protege Tommy.

However, if you’ve ever watched the first four entries into the series, you’ve seen the triumphant boxing and resurgence of a legendary fighter, pushed to his limits by opponents who faced the Eye of the Tiger.  And you’ve seen Rocky pray solemnly in his corner before each match.

Well, thanks to streaming service Tubi, not anymore.

Thanks to Lead Tubi Cutmaster Sandra Batt, those scenes have been edited out of all the Rocky movies, and for a fairly ridiculous reason.

“We at Tubi want these movies to appeal to everyone, not just the religious maniacs that seem to be taking over our country and screwing around with everything,” she told a gathered press bank at L.A.’s exclusive restaurant Herown Vagina.

“We cut those scenes, which were a total of one minute and three seconds, in order to have the features appeal to everyone, man, woman, child, intelligent ape-person.  It’s just business.”

“Just Business”, coincidentally, is also the name of Rocky’s opponent in the upcoming 2024 film “Rocky VII: Killer Instinct.”. Let’s hope our champion doesn’t bend his knee and stand for the flag in this one.


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