Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may not be able to do anything about Disney being a self-governing district in Orange County, but he can revoke its “sanctuary city” status. The resort was given special privileges to avoid having international guests pulled out of their vacations over mistakes on their visas.

Once a person is on Disney property, they can’t be arrested for being illegal. The problem, according to DeSantis, is that now Disney could use that to harbor fugitives from the Left or even to hire illegals to take even more American jobs.

Once the status is revoked, DeSantis says state agents will randomly sweep the park looking for people from other countries by how they dress, their accents, or possibly their skin color. Democrats immediately lost their shit.

DeSantis says this is just the first in a series of plans to punish Disney for being woke and backing the liberals against our children. He also plans to impose taxes on food in the district so hard that nobody will; be able to eat there. The hope is that people will leave and request local establishments like Mcdonald’s, Burger King, and other favorites.

DeSantis signed the order this morning. Let’s roll. If you see foreigners in the parks, please don’t approach them. Call security immediately. If you see something, say something. Make sure you get video.

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