It didn’t take long for Roseanne Barr to decide what to do with her show. Soon after a Los Angeles jury handed her control of “The Conners” and $208 million in punitive damages from ABC for stealing it, Barr announced that she would run the show herself again.

The next step was deciding the direction of the 5-year show, since her character was killed off. “It’s time for a new story,” she said, “Cosby pulled it off with his sitcom wife; so can we.”

Roseanne’s publicist, Joe Barron, announced this morning that she fired the entire cast and most of the crew, with the exception of John Goodman. “Roseanne and Dan can reunite in a new life together. I’m thinking somewhere down south. We can be true patriots and go to NASCAR with confederate flags. Stuff like that.”

“Rosie wants to own the libs more than anything,” said Goodman, “I’m okay with it. I think bringing politics in was a bad idea but I’m getting $700K per episode.”

The show’s new format means it will take some time to get off the ground. The production team says the first episode should air sometime in early 2025. “I’m rich again,” said Roseanne, “I don’t really care.


  1. Wendy Lewis

    Yaay Roseanne! Praise the Lord! You go girl! I can’t wait to watch! I support you all the way! We know you aren’t a racist but a sweetheart!! You love people and we love you too! God bless America… and MAGA too, dang it!!!

  2. Patricia Genatempo

    I boycotted the Conners!! It makes me so happy Roseanne fired the cast. Roseanne made those kids stars!! They turned their backs on her, instead of standing with Roseanne like John Goodman did.
    Now there fired (pay-back is a bitch)!!!!!
    I wish Roseanne lots of luck and look forward to her new show.

  3. Way to go Roseanne! People thought you would just sit back and let them take your show and ruin your career, I think not. You fought for your show and got your revenge and won! I truly admire you. You’re a fighter! Congratulations on being full control of your show again. Can’t wait until I watch the new episode of your new show!

  4. Michael J Callison

    Karma is a bitch, Hahahahahaha . Roseanne is the Karma the Connors had coming. Never and I mean never bite the hand that feeds you.

  5. Pjm14624

    Bless all of your little hearts. You clearly didn’t look at the title of the web page that ran this “article.”

    Can you say “satire?”

  6. Linda Robilotta

    Glad to hear👏👏👏👏👏👏

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