Good news for Roseanne Barr’s fans. Her smash-hit new standup routine has garnered the same kind of attention as her original more than 35 years ago. Producers at NBC have offered her the chance to turn the act into a pilot for a new sitcom.

The show has no name and is in the early stages of development, but NBC Programming Director Joseph Barron believes it can be just as good if not better than the original “Roseanne.”

“Her standup was outstanding. She’s already been nominated for a Tony for it,” said Barron, “If she can translate that to the small screen again she’ll be one of the most iconic comedians who ever lived.”

Roseanne’s return to the limelight was a surprise to a lot of people. Once Fox brought her name up again it was almost like a greenlight for stories about her. Each passing week brought more and more good news for Roseanne. The ex-cast lost it all. Whoopi Goldberg was devastated.

The resurrection of her career is fantastic for all those who love America and freedom of speech who are also willing to overlook her whole crotch-grabbing National Anthem thing.

If things keep going this way for her, she could be the next Roseanne. God Bless America.

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