Roseanne Barr has had quite an eventful few weeks. After a Los Angeles Jury handed her control of “The Conners” along with $208 million, her whole world changed. She found herself needing to make some decisions, and quickly.

What to do with the show and the cast? They all abandoned her when the woke left accused her of racism. Even John Goodman. She wanted to save his character and try to move on, but after trying to make it work, she’s decided to scrap the whole thing.

No more Conners. The story ends on a cliffhanger with the lesbians trying to convince a 3rd-grade teacher that the little boy is actually a girl. “I just have no use for any of these storylines” said Barr, “I just did a standup routine for tens of millions of people and they all love my comedy. That’s enough for me.”

It’s true about her comedy being a success, though she could have stopped at “tens.” She’s a national treasure. Such a patriotic American. She’s one of only one who ever sang the national anthem before grabbing her crotch and giving a crowd the finger. It was a moment of artistic expression that all freedom-loving Americans should cherish.

Hopefully, her new path will bring her back to the small screen where she can delight people who still consider cable news a viable source of information. God Bless America.


  1. Kim Stone

    I say this us bullshit. It’s a good show.

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