Roseanne Barr stunned both audiences and critics with a performance that has been hailed by some as “groundbreaking.” According to several sources who may or may not work for Fox, her single standup show was so powerful that they had no choice but to get her on the air full-time.

“She’s just amazing,” said Programming Director Joe Barron, “we knew right away there’s an audience for her.” Roseanne’s agent confirmed the deal.

The new show will be something with a clever title to entice people who actually think calling your kids libtards and telling weird stories about dating your own cousin are next-level funny things, so basically our audience.

Rosie’s first guest will be the unforgettable Jon Voight, who will undoubtedly spend the bulk of his time praising former President Donald Trump, standing firm with the state of Israel, and offering prayers for the soul of Benjamin Netanyahu. It’s possible he knows something we don’t on that one.

On her panel, we expect some other real winners on the right, but unlike “The View,” they won’t all be women. “I’m not a sexist like Whoopi,” said Roseanne, “I might even hire that cousin I dated. He was pretty manly, let me tell you what.”

Yeah, patriots, we laughed pretty hard as well. She’s a regular national treasure. Ranks right up there with Ben Stein. God Bless America.


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