Roseanne Barr is coming next fall to a Fox station near you in the same time slot as “The View.” After watching her standup routine, Fox offered her $40 million over 3 years to rival Whoopi Goldberg’s show. The m,ain difference, according to the Queen of Comedy herself, will be men.

“I’m not a sexist like Whoopi. I would never create a show that only included women. It’s not fair. Who does she think she is?” On the top of her list is actor James Woods, but she says she’ll settle for Scott Baio. “As long as it’s not a libtard like my kids,” she screeched hilariously.

The list of possibilities for conservative men to join her is endless unless you consider that most wouldn’t be caught dead on a stage with her after the nightmare performance that nobody saw, because boomers don’t stream things. They’re still declaring the routine a huge success based on praying it’s true, which is just as good to the common tater.

Roseanne says she’ll also be interviewing women and hopes this storyline works out for at least three or four more of these, and that doesn’t include the fact-checks.

We rate this true in advance, patriots. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and God Bless America.


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