Have you been wondering whatever happened to conservative comedianne Roseanne Barr?  Well, look no further, folks.  The woman behind The Connors is back and in business.

NBC network television has set her up with a brand new show this coming season, to be aired in the daytime, opposite of the tired and failing The View program.  It’s called Painful to Watch and the very first episode has a major surprise.

That surprise is former twice-impeached failed President and embarrassing footnote in the annals of human history Donald Trump, who will be appearing live for a one-on-one interview with everyone’s favorite portly playmate.

Showrunner of Painful Joe Barron says the get for the sit down on the first episode was a major coup.

“We called up Trump’s people at Mar-a-Lago, and told them who we represented.  They hung up immediately.  Apparently, Donald date-raped a woman named ‘Roseanne’ during one of his Nazi rallies.”

“After we got in better contact by using a Russian-speaking caller and cleared up the confusion, he said he’d love to do it.  We were all very excited.”

The episode is set to air in September, but there’s a lot of work to do before then.  The production is having two industrial strength chairs constructed just for that interview.

Painful to Watch premieres September eleventh of this coming year, a date that Roseanne chose on purpose, as a gag.  Get in on it, patriots!

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