It’s been a television staple for so long that many people seem to have forgotten about it.  But this week, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the program that serves as a sort of “Hell’s Kitchen” for drag queens finally meets it’s end.

The MTV network program, which made it all the way to fifteen seasons, has finally been cancelled due to outcry from the public.  Crowds of normal, regular Americans, dressed in patriotic Trump gear and retard helmets thronged the studio carrying signs, banners, and pretty man dresses.

“We need to get that disgusting material off the air and into the garbage bin where it belongs!” shouted protester Joe Barron, a Furry enthusiast from Queefsdale, California.  “What if a child tuned in?”

A child indeed.  It seems conservatives suddenly decided to give a shit about children’s welfare when drag queens became involved.  Many seem to confuse a “drag queen show” with a strip club and continue to be the world’s laughing stocks.

“I ain’t never wanted to see no man in women’s clothes,” says Sandra Batt, a lead taster from Kentucky.  “And the children, my sweet God, what if they see?  They’ll be scarred for life!”

Most of the protesters stayed for the entire day until the cancellation announcement was made, and then retired to celebrate their victory at the local Hooters with their children.


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