It was a said that there was a huge rumble in the Bronx, New York yesterday, when several dozen teenagers were injured and/or hospitalized by one lone “migrant” who was, evidently, just let in over Joe Biden’s open border.

His name is Joe Barron Chan, a refugee from Hong Kong, who snuck over the southern border last week, disguised as a bag of Uncle Ben’s converted rice.  Chan was arrested and then, inexplicably released yesterday by New York authorities.

“I came here for my Uncle’s wedding, and the sale of his store to a new owner,” Chan told the police in halting English.  “Big biker gang began hassling them.  I had no choice but to use Kung Fu.”

Police investigators notes that even though Chan has an encyclopedic knowledge of martial arts, he constantly runs from a fight.  Whether or not this is simply for comedy effect, or it is instrumental in the process of beating someone with a shopping cart is unknown.

Teenager Joe Konders, laid up in a hospital room with an IV and bowls of jello, doesn’t find it funny.

“He’s an old guy, you know.  Me and the boys just came at him, and he ran away.  But then he turns around and slings a giant bag of beans at my head.  That was it, man.  Boom.  Out.”

I guess that’s the kind of thing that’s bound to happen when we just keep letting these dangerous karate masters in.

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