Russell Stover Candies have been around for a long time. Over 100 years of delicious chocolates and candies made with family values in mind.  And for over a century, they’ve held on to that mindset of America first and family values. And now, that’s all changed.

For the first time in history, Russell Stover candies have bowed down to the woke mob and have released a gay friendly box of candies just in time for Valentine’s Day, with more of the LBGTQ themed boxes and candies for other holidays.  This is an attack on traditional values and the family, folks.

The box is heart shaped with pride colors for the Valentine’s Day celebrations. It is to be geared towards adults but the boxes are displayed where children can see them and purchase them. Only select retailers have the good sense to either not stock them or put them in places where kids can’t see them.

Patriotic Americans shouldn’t stand for this. These are not Christian values.   Christian Candy Company head Joseph Barron is appalled. “What even is this? Valentine’s Day day is about love, not some kind of weird acceptance of love that we don’t understand”.

Red blooded Americans won’t stand for an all American company doing this. How dare they be inclusive to anyone except for Christians. This is socialism and communism and a bunch other isms that this reporter refused to look up and learn the definition of.

It’s just wrong. It’s not right.  Which is the same as saying it’s wrong but using different words.  How are we going to explain to children that they’re not supposed to like people?

In any case, it’s looking like the woke mind virus has infected our candy supply. And Russell Stover will go broke for this. God bless America!


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