Nancy Pelosi may not be Speaker of the House anymore, but she’s still clinging to another of her infamous titles: Fall down drunk.

A limo driver in San Fransisco went viral with a video recently showing the aftermath of having Nancy Pelosi in his ride. “She puked up Absolut Vanilla and coffee ice cream,” said driver Jow Barron, “it was horrible. I’ll never forget that smell.”

The alleged vomit was confirmed to belong to Pelosi through DNA testing, matching a sample gathered from the car vom to one of her daughter Penelope’s from when she was arrested for drug smuggling along with her sister Raylynn.

“I think the best thing to do now would be to get her to buy me a new car,” said Barron, who plans to junk this one, “I’ll never be rid of what I experienced. The seat and carpet already sold to some weirdo on eBay for a good chunk of change, so there’s that.

eBay confirms that the back seat and carpet of a limo covered in Nancy Pelosi’s spewage would likely be worth not just a chunk of change, but a really large, really nice chunk of change. “I thought of buying it for myself,” said eBay CEO Art Tubolls, “but I really don’t have anywhere to put it.”

Pelosi wasn’t charged with a crime or even investigated by the local police. God Bless America, even the corrupt parts of California.

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