Roseanne’s return to the spotlight has been a joy to watch. But few people are paying attention to the “woke” crowd left in her wake.

After a jury handed her control of “The Conners,” she tossed the show in the trash and used her newfound influence to make sure nobody would hire anyone who refused to back her.

Sarah Gilbert, who plays Darlene, was on the top of the list.

“I can’t believe she’s being so petty,” said Gilbert, “Nobody will hire me. All I did was call her a racist like everyone else. I mean, I also too her job, but that’s a different issue. She didn’t need it anymore.”

Gilbert has apparently been looking for a new gig for about two months to no avail. “She’s not exactly A’list,” said Kevin Sorbo, “she had a spot on Big Bang, the child actress thing on Roseanne, and like one other thing ever. Who will even remember her?”

“I always have to ask who she is,” said Gina Carano, “she’s got that familiar face. Like…’wasn’t she in that one show for a season?’ type looks.” Carano says she doubts someone with such a myopic life-view will ever be taken seriously.

Roseanne’s spokesman said she couldn’t care less if Darlene goes broke.


  1. Carol Hughes

    Karma is a BITCH! Sarah threw Roseanne under the bus and then backed it over her. I have zero sympathy for Sarah Gilbert.

  2. Samantha

    Seems like it was ok for Sarah to judge Roseanne but I have heard Sarah talk about others who have judged her on being gay. This is what you call double standards. You would think, if she was a true friend to Roseanne (as she should of been) she would have stood by her. Guess that’s how it rolls when you turn your back on someone who gives you a start and then they pretty much spit in your face. Wonderful if Sarah has learned a lesson?

  3. Lee chirillo

    Didn’t Sarah create that talk show with all women that she walked away from? She’ll survive…must have made an enormous amount of money already

  4. Nancy Fancy

    Sarah Gilbert “threw Rosanne under the bus”. Now, she has to suffer the consequences! If it were not for Roseanne, Gilber, Goodman and rest of cast would not even have a job! As the saying goes….”Payback it a Bit$h!

  5. rick

    Maybe the fact she is a terrible actress has something to do with not being hired.

  6. Joe Brown

    Awww shut up you have made more money than most people ever will. So don’t cry to us .

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