Scott Baio has taken a lot of heat over the years for playing a “cheesy” character on “Happy Days.” Chachi, the troublemaking teenager, was a fan favorite in the 70s which led to a successful career for the actor. Nobody is laughing anymore after Ron Howard signed Baio to a $14 million deal to play the character in a movie about the character’s life.

“It’s gonna be a great story,” said Howard, who co-wrote the script with Kevin Smith, “there will be humor, tragedy, and in the end, redemption.” Baio’s own life was said to be some of the inspiration for the new film.

“He’s got it all,” said Smith, “he’s so comically bad at life that he was and always will be the perfect Chachi. Except we’re gonna take a turn nobody saw coming.”

Baio says he doesn’t mind the twist on his real life being in the story, as long as they don’t involve Nicole Eggert. “She makes me uncomfortable,” said Baio.

The film’s production schedule will wait for Baio to finish shooting the Charles in Charge reboot with Gina Carano. According to her official spokesperson, Joe Barron, He hasn’t tried to molest her yet. “There’s still time,” said Barron, “We’re not giving up hope.”

Baio denies that any molestation occurred anytime he was near anyone ever.

His word is his bond. God Bless America.


  1. I’m a HUGE fan of SCOTT’S. Happy Days was Excellent for the Generation! I enjoy him More when he Appears in: DIAGNOSIS MURDER. I Would be ETERNALLY GREATFULL if I could get an AUTOGRAPHED picture From him..

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