Great news out of Milwaukee today. Scott Baio’s daughter, Ryan Newman Baio, 14, was rescued from kidnappers looking to make a quick buck from the frantic dad. According to reports, the young girl was taken while walking home from school and had been missing for more than 5 hours when the Baio house got the call for a $1 million ransom.

Instructed not to call the police, Baio turned to social media, where friends and fans helped him piece together what happened, and who may have been responsible. It turned out the likely suspects were locals looking to score and leave town. Baio hired private security to track their location.

Before long, Scott’s daughter was safe and the kidnappers were hogtied and delivered to authorities. Captain Joe Barron of the Milwaukee Sherrif’s Department said he’d never seen a concerned citizen take matters into his own hands so well. His office plans to give Baio the Distinguished Person award. It won’t be the first time Baio has received the DP.

Ryan is home safe, the stories about Scott dying aren’t true, and if his actions are any indications, Scott Baio is headed for the big time again.

Baio’s Twitter gained 11 followers in just 3 hours

Federal investigators had to be called, as with all kidnappings, and they found the whole thing to be “most likely staged.” They wouldn’t say who pulled the plan together, but it definitely wasn’t Jessie Smollet.

~God Bless America.

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