Hey Jack! Duck Dynasty fans unite!

After news of Uncle Si’s death hit the internet, fans have been sharing stories and memories of the man they never got to meet in person. The family has made statements about how this event has touched them. Hey Jack, even Si himself posted about his feelings after learning of his own death. The Robertson family started to see a theme in the comments of outpouring support.

“What about Uncle Si’s cup?”

With all of the pain and suffering surrounding this event, the family feels it’s only right to make one lucky fan’s day. In this time of great strife, the family says funds are running tight with Si’s generous donation of $50 million to the Trump campaign.

So there is only one thing that makes sense. Auction off Uncle Si’s infamous blue-green Tupperware cup he uses for sweet iced tea.

Uncle Si with the infamous Tupperware cup and some other dude. Focus on the cup.

Sandy Batts, a longtime friend of the Robertson family, says:

“They’ve all just suffered since the news of Si’s death hoax hit the internet. The fans have mourned a great loss. Hopefully, auctioning off Si’s beloved Tupperware cup with kill two birds with one stone. It will not only help the family, but some fan is also going to be sipping sweet tea out of that tea-stained cup.”

What a way to honor a great man and the billions of fans who love him.

The family will be announcing details for the auction soon.

Hey, Jack!


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