Six beautiful young women are out of work after Walt Disney Incorporated LLC sent them packing for “refusing to abide by company policy.” The rule they broke? They refused to share a bathroom with the park’s two newest additions: Josh and Gary, the trans-princesses.

Josh and Gary are biological males who identify as princesses, giving them special protection under Biden’s newest guidelines. The two were hired to perform in the Magic Kingdom’s new “boys and boys meet girls and girls” display near the 7 Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They immediately demanded to be allowed into the female cast members’ restroom.

Ariel, 19, says it wouldn’t have been a big deal had the pair not obviously just been using the trans excuse to get into a women’s bathroom, which is the basis for all transgender arguments. “They just sat there laughing and taking pictures while we peed and stuff,” said the hot little ginger, “then they’d refuse to leave unless we agreed to kiss each other while they played with each other’s taints. It was a little bit disturbing.”

The princesses, unfortunately, have no legal ground to stand on, since Florida is a right-to-work state, and Disney decided they have no right to work there. Looks like they’ll have to look for other employment. They could always put on suits and audition at Universal to work on the Men in Black ride.



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