Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the closest that the world of physics comes to a celebrity.  Lauded in the scientific community for his intelligence and insight and obsessed with a desire to educate the everyday everyman on the mechanics of the universe, the Hayden Planetary scholar and heir to the throne of Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan is widely recognized as an authority on all things cosmic.

Tyson is credited with writing a program in BASIC on the Atari 800 that repeated the word “fartjuice” infinitely.

Tyson has visibly kept himself out of the arena of public politics until now.  Like many others in the public eye of celebrity like comedian Jim Gaffigan, singer Taylor Swift, and television host Dr. Phil, the toxic Presidency of Donald Trump has changed all that, urging the silent to speak out.

Joe Barron of Braniacs Monthly Magazine sat with the physicist last week for a rare statement on his views regarding the absolute dangerous stupidity of the legally convicted con-man leader.

“Simply put, Donald Trump is a danger to all of humanity.  Now I know, I know.  Science is confusing.  Sometimes scientists speak in big words, and Mr. Trump is obviously a President with a 40-word vocabulary and a severe mental handicap.  But my view is that such a state leaves him dangerously unqualified to lead a country that affects the entire safety of the human race.  The man thinks ‘gravity’ is how his toes get after he sits in a litter box.  He’s already botched handling a deadly pandemic.  Can you imagine what could happen if his half-dead cult members re-elect him?  People, put this evolutionary hiccup where he belongs.  A rubber bed in a mental facility.  He’s a Brief History of National Embarrassment.  Word.”

Many of Trump’s supporters still struggle with the concept of translating “word letters” into “thinky ways.”

Other well-known smart people have joined Tyson in his call to oust the terribly incompetent and morbidly obese “leader,” including Reed Richards, that guy on “The Good Doctor”, and every member of “The Whiz Kids.”  Let’s all help save the world throw out the dumbest ion in the particle.



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