Once the President found out about Sondland’s corrupt nature, he fired him immediately.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland wants his money back, although we are not sure what money he means. Any donations over $2700, like Socialist (or is he?) Bernie Sanders grafts from his supporters are illegal according to FEMA, the Fair Election Management Association chair Rob Blagojavich said Friday, St. Valentines Day from a garage on the south side of Chicago.

“Everyone knows that!” Blagojavich exclaimed rather profusely. “That’s why the Trump campaign limits their donations to $45 so our patrons will personally be giving his Excellency their hard earned money, so he can make them even richer. That is a utopian society where everyone gets their fair share via capitalism, not socialism.

Blagojavich was once the mayor of Chicago using the same Catch and Frisk program that Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg used in New York City before being framed by Barack Hussein Obama. Obama had sold his old Congressional seat on E-Bay for a reported $2.8 million using Blagojavich‘s account, but transferring the money to his husband Mike, a.k.a. Michelle, bank account in Deutsche Bank.

This fraudulent matter has been investigated by the best Attorney General William Barr and at lay reports, President Trump will free the Mayor from any wrong-doing and expunge his record.

Meanwhile, former Ambassador Sondland is reneging on his promise to remain the EU Ambassador by testifying against President Trump in the Senate trial held just last month.
Sondland claims to have donated $1 million to the Trump campaign in order to get the Ambassador position, which everyone knows President Trump would not allow such a blatant, in your face, reckless disregard for Campaign Finance laws.

Once the President found out about Sondland’s corrupt nature, he fired him immediately.


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