Critics of Chief Twit Elon Musk love to point out that he “wasted” $44 billion buying Twitter. What they fail to see is the big picture: Musk’s personal wealth is up more than $10 billion. “He’s making money left and right, said Musk analyst Joe Barron, “we’d all be wise to follow in his footsteps.”

The secret to Musk’s success is the other two companies he owns. While Twitter is now basically a worthless wasteland of obnoxious “free speech” losing money hand over fist, the other two companies more than make up for it. Remember that Musk is a brilliant scientist and inventor.

To solve this problem, he invented a $4,000 per vehicle surcharge on Teslas for research and development and he requested an additional $8 billion from the government to subsidize his personal life while he runs SpaceX. The $10 billion windfall goes directly to his bank account.

But what about the money he’s losing on Twitter? That doesn’t matter, Twitter is the internet, which means it’s not actually real, so the money involved is all cyber-trapped. None of the investors get a dime if he simply shuts it down and turns off the lights.

Check-mate, liberals. Elon is smarter than you and you can’t handle it. God bless America.


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