The House of Representatives recently put together another stimulus package that will continue to provide benefits to people left unemployed by the pandemic. The 1,800-page bill provides additional checks to families, free testing for whoever wants it, and extended unemployment benefits.

Upon further inspection, it contributes to wasteful programs like the Post Office and SNAP benefits. Worst of all, the bill provides $21 million to Planned Parenthood, who will immediately begin using it to perform abortions. They will be required to send 50 percent of the proceeds from the aborted fetus part sales back to the DNC to fund all Democrat candidates forever.

Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman Art Tubolls explained,

“The thing was 1,800 pages. We knew that the Democrats would support the bill on the basis that it was written by them. The accelerated time table of a vote was created because of the need to get aid to the American People.

It was so easy to point fingers at Republicans who voted against this bill because we could just say that a vote against it is a vote against the American people. The House Republicans knew that when they voted for it and the Senate Republicans know it as well.

Their principles won’t get in the way because they know that we’ll shame them under threat of being voted out. We fully expect a veto-proof super majority to approve this bill next week.”

The Senate Republicans won’t cave like the House Republicans did because they have the majority and can send it back to get something more acceptable for big business and the wealthiest among us.

Thanks to Majority Leader Mitchard McConnell, this murder bill will be quickly shot down. He won’t stop until he has the perfect bill for his party’s donors and benefactors, which is truly the best thing for all Americans. Keep our Senate majority and President and help us win the House back this November. The only way real progress will happen is if we have the whole government on our side.

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