Woke Disney has done it again. With park attendance sinking to all-time lows, stock prices plummeting, and hundreds of thousands of people joining the boycotts every day, the company is forced to pander to the only customers it has left: The Democrats.

Disney is now promoting “MAGA Free” vacations to people in urban areas, where Democrats tend to fester and grow. While most of them won’t be able to afford a trip to Disney at any price since they don’t take food stamps, some will ultimately end up making the trek to the new woke parks in the middle of a great conservative state.

Disney refuses to return our messages, calling us “fake news propaganda” for telling patriotic Americans the truth about their woke policies and desperate financial times. Whether or not our reporting is 100 percent accurate is on Disney, not us. They’re the ones who decided woke is the way to be.

Wokeness is the idea that you have to understand society as a whole rather than living in a myopic shell and only caring about yourself and your interests, according to woke people. Those who aren’t woke include Trump supporters and other people who support Trump.

God bless America.


  1. jeremysnc

    Joke’s on them. I’d pay twice as much to go to Disney just to avoid you fucking idiots. Please boycott them forever.

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