Sunny Hostin, in an anti-Elon rant on “The View,” claimed that taxpayers were funding Twitter because of subsidies received by Musk’s aerospace company, SpaceX.

“He’s raking in billions and probably spending it on new office furniture at Twitter headquarters,” Hostin said, “That should be investigated.”

Musk’s attorney, Joe Barron ESQ, sent an immediate cease and desist to ABC, along with some basic research that shows Hostin’s statement was patently false.

“She can’t just say whatever she wants,” said Barron, “there are still rules. Her 1st Amendment rights doesn’t mean she can just defame an entire company just because she doesn’t like the guy at the top.”

According to Hostin’s attorney, that’s exactly what it means. “She said things like ‘probably’ for a reason. Sunny knows Elon sues everyone who says mean things about him.” Once again, a simple Google search found that Musk doesn’t actually sue many people at all and that the bulk of the stories are satirical.

“It’s all of them, actually,” Elon told us, “There’s this whole thing leftists do to discredit those on the right. Those stories mark people as idiots, which is exactly what they’re hoping for. Unfortunately, they’ll continue to be successful because most of the audience hopes and prays it’s true.”

That’s an internet phenomenon called “tater farming,” according to our expert Art Tubolls. “I’ve been doing it for years,” he said, “just wave something shiny and don’t put too much thought into it.”

God Bless America.

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  1. Phuck Yu

    You people suck. Telling violent right wing terrorists lies to rile them up ought to be illegal.

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