The only thing more satisfying than watching a guest tear into Whoopi Goldberg and her panel of liberals on “The View” is watching them tear into each other. In a recent episode, producers had to cut a segment because things got a little too real for Whoopi and Sunny.

“Whoopi was talking about how the show was the best thing on tv and giving herself all the credit,” said cameraman Joe Barron, “Sunny cut her off and told her she was losing the audience and that she needed to retire.”

The audience had an “oooooooh” moment, according to Barron, and the director immediately cut. They removed that clip and resumed recording.

According to ABC, Whoopi Goldberg has consistently performed as a host on the show but Hostin may be correct about her losing the audience. Programming Director Skip Tetheludah says there’s some “truth to the allegations.”

“She’s losing more and more of the conservative crowd every day,” said Tetheludah, “we went to right-leaning Facebook pages and found that whenever they posted about The View, scores of patriotic Americans vow to never watch again. How long before this important demographic stops watching altogether?”

Data suggests that most of those people have either never watched “The View” or stopped watching when Whoopi praised the black guy for winning the White House. That doesn’t mean there aren’t taters out there watching just so they can shout at the television for an hour. God Bless America.

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