The Supreme Court has denied Planned Parenthood’s petition to be heard before the bench under USC Title 789. The organization was scheduled to appear to present evidence in their case, but the Chief Justice stopped them in their tracks.

“Nothing about this is 789 compliant,” said Roberts, “I don’t see a path forward to adjudication here.” The lawyers for Planned Parenthood sat in the main foyer in protest until Capitol Police had them removed.

The case Planned Parenthood wanted to argue is a law requiring things related to abortion, and that’s what they do, so they figured they could just show up. That’s not how it works. First, you have to file with the lower court of writs and depositions and have a hearing that denies you full disclosure under Article VII.

Then, the court gets to determine if you’ve done your due diligence under 789, and if not, the petition is denied in perpetuity, and with prejudice. Planned Parenthood didn’t do any of that, which they admitted in an email:

“No. We did none of the things you’ve described. Because they aren’t real things. But if we do decide to do some things, we’ll certainly let you know.”

Just like we knew they would…they’ll just deny the whole thing is happening at all.

Bye-bye, Planned Parenthood. When the outlaw abortion, you’ll have to find another way to get your body parts to market.

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