The Taliban, the once dangerous terrorist faction that ruled Afghanistan in the Middle East, has endorsed U.S. President Donald J Trump. At any other time in history, this would have been the death knell for any presidential candidate.

But because of Trump’s peace talks, the Taliban has literally changed their ways, and wants in with this new world.

The Taliban is not what they used to be. Still very powerful in the region, they’ve come to understand what liberty and freedom are all about. Even ruling with an iron fist, the Taliban is embracing the words of Donald Trump and his ideas for Middle East peace, and have formed a truce of sorts with the United States of America.

That’s right. Even the Taliban respects Donald Trump. Get on board, liberals.

The Taliban believes with Donald Trump as leader, he will keep other nations looking to do harm to Afghanistan people at bay. These are the Taliban’s people to harm, nobody else’s. 

By keeping Trump in the White House, the Taliban can run roughshod over everyone in Afghanistan once again, just like the old days. Too much freedom and things will go bad for the Taliban, and they can’t have that. Better to keep those people imprisoned in their own nation.

Afghan’s American spokesman conveyed the message from the Taliban to Donald Trump.

“It may seem insane to other nations, but Trump winning would be the sanest thing for us.”

He of course is speaking about Trump’s surprise announcement of pulling all troops from Afghanistan, much to the shock of military leaders who’ve not been given any notice of this. And a good time will be had by all of the Taliban if that happens.

Trump initially turned down the endorsement but thought it over. Imagine, another group of psychos and lunatics with violent tendencies endorsing him. It’s like music to his ears.

There’s nothing that Trump likes more than another dictator like a pack of Jack-offs singing his praises. Anything that makes him look powerful, he thinks.

It’s just another day in the Trump world for us. God bless America! And God bless Donald Trump!


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