Target has gotten itself into a bit of trouble with the American consumer. By assuming that everyone who shops in their stores wants to look at “pride” merchandise, the company had already earned itself a pretty massive boycott.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

The marketing team devised a strategy that will go down in history as the second-worst idea in advertising history next to turning Dylan Mulvaney into a men’s beer spokesperson.

Unfortunately, the idea backfired. “We forgot that these are children,” said CEO Joe Barron, “In our quest to keep up with wokeness we stepped over the line.”

Barron’s comments came just after the conservative universe’s head exploded over “tucking” bathing suits for little boys who want to look like girls.

“How long before they make laws forcing our kids to change gender whenever they see fit?” asked Lauren Boebert, “Are you gonna tuck your son’s genitals and make him wear a 2-piece? I have a bunch of kids and I’m not doing it.”

Boebert says she’s willing to go to jail, if that’s what it takes, to protect her own children. “Joe Biden wants your little boys to be girls so they can’t stand up for themselves like men.”

Boebert was mostly ignored by the media on the issue, because she’s a moron. God Bless America.

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