We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Taylor Swift is an agent of the Democrat party. And now we have proof. According to official ALLOD records, Taylor Swift billed the Democrat Nationalist Committee more than $15 million for “recruitment efforts.”

Swift’s finance manager, Joe Barron, made as many excuses as he could for the bill, saying that it’s not illegal or immoral for someone with her reach to get paid for it.

“She’s a pioneer,” said Barron, “As such, she’s allowed to use her influence to sway things to her liking.”

That’s a pretty bold statement. Swift has reportedly registered 15 million young American girls to vote by convincing them they won’t be able to get “proper medical care” or be treated as “equal citizens” if they don’t sign up and vote blue all the way down every ticket. “That’s only a dollar per vote,” said Barron, “it’s a bargain.”

“That should be illegal,” said Howard from Podunk, Ohio, “You can’t just say things and make people vote for you. This is America. Trump will put her in prison as soon as he’s re-elected.”

That’s a valid point, patriots. Imagine what would happen to this country if somebody completely unqualified could just stand at a microphone and convince people who are basically in a cult how to think and who to vote for. It would be pandemonium.

These are the things Alanis should have put in her song. Isn’t it inconvenient? Donthca think? God Bless America.

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