Taylor Swift is raising eyebrows after she kicked two fans out of her show in Argentina for singing The National Anthem before she went on.

“When Taylor learned that two Americans had started a singalong, she had security find and remove them,” said tour manager Joe Barron, “That’s not the kind of vibe we’re going for here. They should have left their nationalism back at home.”

“I’m appalled that she would do that,” said Matt Walsh, who believes Swift is an agent of the Soros consortium, “Those fans had every right to sing their hearts out.”

The two fans, who may or may not actually exist, haven’t come forward, but surely they love their country, which makes their actions the correct ones.

ALLOD Entertainment Correspondelator Tara Newhole says it looks like everyone was wrong about the incident. “These two girls started singing and it looked like they might get themselves bear up,” she said, “Because…they weren’t in America. There aren’t a lot of fans of American patriotism outside the states. They had no 1st Amendment right to do anything. They were just being dumb.”

Swift heard about the incident and had the girls removed to a private suite on the loge level. “They were making fun of some guy with a Trump hat,” she said, “I couldn’t just let them get hurt.”

The girls enjoyed a full buffet and several Dr, Peppers. God Bless America.


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