It’s New Year’s Eve, patriots, and the rockin’ fun is just about ready to begin in New York City.

Tonight, broadcast from Times Square, the huge celebration is ready to get underway, brought to you by CNN, the Bilderburg Group Inc, and Joe Barron’s Comet Pizza restaurants.  But what’s really the exciting update is the hosting duties for the evening’s festivities.

The whole shebang starts at 6 P.M. on NBC and it’s affiliates, and streaming through Tubi and  Join banter looking back on 2023 with celebrity guest hosts Kathy Griffin and Whoopi Goldberg.  The pair will feature a retrospective on President Joe Biden and his record-breaking successful year.

Following that at 8, will be in-house Chef Gordon Ramsay, instructing us how to make “woke” food, including enchiladas, chow mein, and his own special Blumpkin Pie.

But the big draw comes at 9, when super megastar Taylor Swift will take the stage, performing a selection of her hits, ramping the live audience of nearly two million New Yorkers into a frenzy.  She will be on hand with hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa straight from their morning show “Gay Guy and the MILF” to continue all the way until the ball drop at midnight.

Swift is then scheduled to perform her newest song, “No Trump Future”, which details the crimes and dark comings for the former disgraced and twice-impeached loser.


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