As the girlfriend of superstar Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift is always looking for newer ways of monetizing her liberal activism.  And she’s just found one, thanks to her beau’s involvement in the Big Game.

In an announcement just made from the Blumpkin Falls estate in downtown Los Angeles, Swift has proposed donating a million dollars each, to any player who kneels for the national anthem Sunday.

In other words, she’s going to pay them off.

“Taking a knee” during the national anthem is a long-standing and somewhat hated tradition of football professionals, begun long ago by New York Jets quarterback Flash Gordon.  It’s meant to draw attention to the unfair treatment of black people by national police forces.

Much of the time, the tradition causes discord and diaper wetting by conservative boomer dickheads, who somehow equate it with insulting the military, which is a typical gaslighting thing.

Sandra Batt, special reporter to this site, caught a quick comment on the process from the song maven herself.

“I believe that bringing attention to this severe American injustice is the right thing to do, especially with so many eyes on them.  And I’ll gladly pay for anyone to make that statement.”

It’s estimated that the Las Vegas Bowl will bring in billions to the franchises and the kneeling will cause a possible 500 cardiac arrests in retired old numbnuts.


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