The Golden Globes were a sight to behold. Liberal elites everywhere. Dotted among them were the likes of Kevin Sorbo, Tim Allen, and Scott Baio, but overall, it was a see of leftists doing what they do: being better than everyone else.

After the show, the night always goes on with exclusive parties spread out across the Los Angeles area. One of the biggest is hosted every year by none other than actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano. This year, however, she was in for a surprise.

Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, who were in town for a separate event and not invited to the Golden Globes, found their way to Milano’s Malibu home and crashed her little shindig. They showed up in regular street clothes, no fancy suits, wearing cowboy hats, and drinking PBR.

“It was incredible,” said ALLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda, “typically these things are stuffy libfests full of snobs drinking over-priced wine and White Claw. Ted and Kid started a few drinking games, rocked Paradise by the Dashboard Lights on the karaoke machine, kicked everyone’s ass at Galaga, then moved on to hitting on all the hot women. It was like a scene out of a 1984 John Hughes movie, but funnier.”

Within an hour, more than half the guests had left, and those who remained had the time of their lives.

Milano ran off to her bedroom with a bottle of apple schnapps to cry about it on Instagram. Altogether, it was a great party.

God bless you, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, and God Bless America.


  1. Cedric Sutherland

    This isn’t true. For the MAGA fools it’s satire. But you need the iq to understand the joke. Get it, it’s a joke publication.

    • Bob

      You managed to figure it out… but felt the need to point out the obvious. Bloody hell.

      • Joe Mama

        That is because there is people so dense that they fail to see The Onion or Fox as entertainment instead of news, despite the networks pointing it out constantly.

  2. Sid

    I stopped reading after you wrote see of leftists instead of sea.

  3. Lucky010101

    The article did exactly what it was intended to do, rile up the Liberal Lemmings that despite all the evidence, still will Vote for “The Idiot”.

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