The Southwest Star Brewing Company, one of the most successful businesses in Texas until just a few days ago, decided to shoot itself in the foot, now it’s learning the meaning of the phrase “go woke go broke.” After canceling conservative star Kyle Rittenhouse’s “Anti-Censorship Rally,” the brewery and its adjacent restaurant and banquet halls are all empty.

“It’s like a ghost town in here,” said brewery captain Joe Barron, “The Restaurant hasn’t had a customer since Wednesday night and we just canceled the remaining brewery tours for the day. Three other events, two dog shows and a frog-jump, have already been canceled for this week and there’s nothing new on the board.”

Go woke go broke, Silver Star. You did this to yourself. General Manager Art Tubolls says he thinks the best course of action is to just shut down for a while until things blow over. “We’re more worried about one of these morons showing up with a bag full of weapons and death than we are about the lost income,” he said, “this is Texas. The chances that there are cultists sitting outside in a blacked-out van in full tactical gear waiting for their chance to own the libs is real.”

Tubolls may have a point, as police in Conroe have set a 1-mile perimeter around the brewery. They’re stopping anyone with an unnecessarily large pickup truck, razor glasses, and bootlicker flags. Be careful, patriots. Make sure you cover up your Blue Line Punishers. They don’t seem to understand what he stands for at all.

Be safe, and God bless America.

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