The carnage in Texas lately has been so bad that even Texans are calling for relief. In a new study by the Texas Citizens United National Trust Society, more than 80 percent of lawful gun owners in the state are in favor of some form of gun control.

In response, the legislature and Governor Greg Abbott quickly turned around and enacted SB 6874R, The Texas Gun Reform and Empowerment Act of 2023.

Under the new law, people between 18 and 21 with a history of mental illness or a felony on their record will be forbidden from having a firearm of any kind. Previously, felons were able to keep shotguns and muzzleloaders for hog season.

The new law also “levels the playing field” in public places such as malls, parks, movie theaters, etc.

“We’re pleased to announce that everyone entering those spaces will be issued a firearm of their own if they’re not already carrying,” said state spokesman Joe Barron, “we’ve already worked out details with several manufacturers to provide the weapons to the good taxpaying citizens of the state.”

It will be at the discretion of parents — as it should be — to determine if children under five will be allowed to carry. “Our malls will be safer now that all the good guys have guns,” said Abbott, “God bless the mighty state of Texas.”

God bless you, Governor Abbot. And God Bless America.

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