A feud has been brewing over on TwitterX between Texas governor Greg Abbott and a famous actor over border policy. The dude started when Abbott posted his border policy and the actor, Liam Nissan, who’s not even an American. But you know how celebrities can be.

But Governor Abbott, he’s no push over. You’re not gonna push Greg Abbott and expect to get away from him. Unless you’re near a flight of stairs. Governor Abbott is a fighter. And he’s bringing the fight to these Hollywood elites.

No matter if it’s Liam Nissan, Chevy Chase, Harrison Ford, a Volkswagen Passat, it doesn’t matter.  Greg Abbott will fight back and win. Nobody pushes Greg Abbott, nicknamed Hot Wheels, anywhere. Or they push him everywhere. This figure of speech is quite literal in this case.

Greg Abbott isn’t about to let a celebrity or a Japanese automobile get the best of him. That’s why there’s a debate set in Hambriston, Texas to shut Mr Nissan down once and for all. Nobody will stop Greg Abbott from doing something about the Texas border crisis.

The Chief of Staff to Governor Abbott is setting the debate in place in Hambriston because of Hambriston’s rich Texas history and it was the site of the great Garth Brooks Meltdown of 2023 where real Texans at the 123rd Texas Country Music Jamboree happened to boo him right off stage.

Joseph Barron, the debate moderator will be fair but strong on the answers. There will be no shenanigans from the Hollywood actor. He will have to give straight responses, no matter the language barrier. Abbott is sure to trounce the Hollywood elite.

This is going to be one for the ages folks. The quick witted, nimble, agile Abbott is ready to take on all challengers including this one. God bless you Mr Abbott, and god bless texas!

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