American liberals have decided to use this trying time in America to co-opt the word hero and throw it around for anyone they deem “essential.” Hero should be reserved for actual heroes, like Donald Trump and the rich people keeping this country afloat. Not the lowly employees who have their hands out doing a job monkeys can do.

No matter if they’re truck drivers, medical staff, grocery clerks and fast-food workers, liberals think these people are heroes and deserve adulation for simply doing their jobs. Honestly, they should be feeling lucky to even have a job, as good American corporations would love to automate most of these jobs.

So what if they’re out there keeping America moving? They chose to do what they do, and really owe a debt of gratitude to the American people for keeping these low wage earners employed.

Chuck Schumer, DEMOCRAT of New York thinks they deserve “heroes’ pay.” Honestly, as most God-Fearing conservative Christians, they should be thankful and keep their mouths shut and take a pay cut, as the real heroes, the job creators, are taking the most risk by keeping these people employed.

And now they run the risk of making slightly less, so much so that their wives have to look at a little less expensive bags and jewelry.

It’s bad enough that these real heroes have to pretend to provide these leaches in society substandard health benefits that many times are too expensive that the employees can’t afford. Now they expect these business owners to provide them with protection like masks, gloves, and disinfectants to “keep them safe.” In reality, it’s more “take, take, take” from these ingrates.

Joe Barron, a grocery employee of 15 years, was complaining of being put at risk at the local big box chain grocery store. Says Barron, “we’ve been working to keep people fed, all we’re asking it to be protected from infection” while he was coughing and feeling unwell, as clueless customers touched everything and sneezed right in his face.

This certainly doesn’t sound like a hero.

Right now, America is dependent on the poorest amongst us, and they owe these brave people so much more than they’ll ever be willing to give them, other than a snide remark about “bootstraps” and side-eye when they want to be safe from everything they’re coming in contact with. But don’t you worry conservative America. We will merely pay them lip service and refuse to help them in any other way, just the way you think it should be.

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