The Treasury Department has released a report about the coin shortage facing American businesses. What they discovered is very strange and deeply concerning.

According to a leaked version of the report, which may or may not have been altered before finding its way to the mainstream media, The Clinton Foundation is behind the shortage. Treasury Secretary Art Tubolls explains:

“The Clinton Foundation went to banks on the day they closed and promised to buy all of their coins and make sure they made itto the National Mint to be re-rolled and recirculated. The coins never made it.

“It would appear that the ‘charity’ is really a front for globalists like the New World Order and the Deep State Shadow Government, looking to turn America into a cashless society.”

A cashless society would mean that no matter how much someone tried to be a free, sovereign citizen, they would always be traceable by the microchips in every new debit and credit card:

“Those chips they started putting in cards as a security measure are actually there to help the global network of Marxist control freaks track where you are and what you spend your money on.

“No citizen will ever safely buy a firearm again. If you go out to get cold medicine, they’ll call you a meth dealer. If you buy fertilizer and diesel fuel, they’ll say you’re building bombs.”

While none of this can be corroborated, there’s a good possibility that it’s true, according to experts working for the Sean Hannity Show:

“We’ve seen this kind of thing before. Remember when Obama started a national gun registry? The Clinton Foundation helped. Remember when Ebola spread acros the United States, infecting four people and killing two? That was them. The Clinton Foundation is working for the UN. No doubt about it.”

The UN has said that anyone perpetuating this kind of misinformation should get a shiny new tinfoil hat and join Alex Jones on the list of American nutjobs. The good news is, if you make that list, you’ll most likely qualify for SSI and free healthcare.

God Bless America.

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