The Obama family is still going on vacation using taxpayer money, even as other Americans are being told to stay home. The former first family has been photographed at spots that are closed to the general public.

While millions of Americans are being urged to stay put, the Obamas have been jet setting all over the country, and we are picking up the tab. One trip came at the price of over 25 million dollars. What makes this even more egregious is that Americans are struggling to make ends meet and they are out and about having the time of their lives.

Joe Barron, who helps operate the Wally World Amusement Park in Valencia, CA, was astounded that Michelle Obama threw her weight around to get the park open, just for them, and used threats to do it. While these types of establishments are closed all over the country, the Obamas think they should get special treatment. When told they wouldn’t open for them, Michelle Obama punched a robotic attraction in the nose at the park and used a fake gun to gain entry.

The worst part about this is that we are all paying for it. Every former president does draw a salary from the US Government for the remainder of their lives of $100,000 per year, but the Obamas, using tax incentives and other shady means get nearly $5 million a year, and then use secret service as well. This year alone their vacations have cost us $3.4 million dollars.

President Trump is on this though. He is taking action to stop the Obama spending, much of which had been approved and paid for as pork in Democratic spending bills. It’s truly unbelievable that in these dark times, the Obamas are on a spending spree with government money, our money, and when asked about it, he simply said “I don’t care, do you?

Thank God that we have a president who not only doesn’t draw a salary but refuses to golf or spend any time anywhere other than Washington DC so he can continue to make America great!!!!


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