Former President Barack Obama has it all. A Grammy, a Nobel Peace Prize, two monstrously successful scandal-free terms as leader of the free world – and now he has his own award show.

Partner corporation Netflix has announced the rollout of the Obama Awards, an all-star celebration of the absolute best in quality for original television programming.  The very first “Obamas” will premiere on December 15th on the streaming giant.

The Trump awards celebrate massive weight gain and thievery.

Obama himself, flanked by Netflix producer and head of marketing Joe Barron gave a brief speech about the honor at the Queefsland Center for the Visually Impaired.

“I know a lot of you listening now can’t even watch these shows, because you’re visually impaired, and that’s fine.  You’ll just have to trust us that they’re good shows.  Great shows.  Stranger Things, Travellers, they’re all out there gunning for their first Obama.  Stranger Things is a show about kids who, by the end, accomplish nothing.”

The Award will take the form of a large black penis with bulbous balls, carved lovingly out of  ebony cavestone, and garnished with a golden nameplate.  The Award is usable as both a sexual aid and flotation device in an emergency.

Showrunners across the platform are excited for their chance to shine at the first Obamas.  Make sure to wear your best suit and tie while you’re watching at home!


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